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Vanya, your reference to LexRex is all well and good. However, you will note that foreign aid (which your article makes out to be unconstitutional), is widely used by the Congress, is it not?
Actually, you missed the part where it says "This means that any donation abroad of funds or things, military or any other kind, by the Federal government--in order to be authorized by the Constitution--must contribute substantially and directly to the "common Defence... of the United States," meaning the national defense: the actual, military, physical defense of the American homeland."

It is the position of the US, and has been under Republican and Democratic administrations, that giving aid to poorer, unstable governments is essential to the defense of the US under the premise that any unstable nation poses a threat to the US as a sovereign nation.

Under that assumption foreign aid is directly in line with the constitution. Further, if you look at the countries the US gives aid to you can see the strategic military benefit to ensuring that said countries remain stable.
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