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A tip.
Oftenthe pin must be assembled while other parts with spring tension on them must be held just right so the pin can go through.If it is a through hole,a cute trick is a slave pin.I slave pin is a pin that is a slip fit though everything.You can taper the end to a point to make line up easier.
You drive the slave pin through,and out,with the pin you want to keep in there.
Now,a superb source of slave pins,if there is a shop in the yellow pages that builds or services plastic injection molds,ejector pins are purchased long and cut to length.These cutoff ends are perfect,and they get tossed.They are nitrided H-13 tool steel,very tough and hard,and OD ground and polished usually .0004 to .0007 in under nominal size.
You can just buy the pins from an outfit like MSC.Ejector pins and Core pins are good to know about.
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