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Marlin 81DL

While cleaning my Father in laws place up the other day I found an old .22 bolt action rifle. It has no serial # that I can find. I think it is from the 40's or so as my wife said it was her Grandpas gun.
The only markings on the barrell are Marlin Arms, Model 81-DL,-22 cal-S-L-LR, and a long dash with a circle midway.
It is missing the butt-plate and looks like it use to have rings for a sling. Also it has an adjustable peep sight on it that I have never seen before.
I searched the forums and didn't find a lot of info on this gun. If any of you can give me any info on this rifle, such as date, where I can find parts, etc. I would greatly appreciate the help.
I plan on restoring the stock and rebluing the gun and keeping it for sentimental reasons.
Thanks in advance

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