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Two things...

1. Be sure you are incompliance with federal and state laws between your state and your father's. Meaning that you may have to transfer via FFL's from him to you and back again.

2. Carry a can of bear spray in addition to the .44 Mag. Trust me, it will be more effective than your .44. I have used bear spray a few times to thwart angry/moody bears and none have continued their attack after being sprayed. It is a cheap (around $35-$40 a can) insurance policy. Also keep in mind that if you are attacked and you shoot the bear, wounding it, and it runs off; you are legally required to track down the bear and kill it in addition to making the proper notification to Alaska State Troopers.

Have a good time and enjoy this great state, but be very cautious and think through whatever plan you will follow.
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