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Make a marinade in advance, 4 parts soy sauce to one part Worchestershire sauce, add a clove or two of minced garlic and let set for 30 minutes. Score chops and steaks lightly, brush with the marinade,and grill until no more done than medium.

Or, try this.....

Take steaks or chops and moisten,dredge in seasoned flour( all purpose flour, Old Bay Seasoning and Kosher salt). Melt butter in a skillet and add a skosh of olive oil to keep the butter from burning. Saute, not fry the chops, until they brown on the outside, then add just a little butter, and add some minced garlic.As soon as the garlic turns translucent, drench with cooking sherry and remove from the heat. Place venison on a heated platter, and pour the liquid over them.

Serve immediately, with a rice or potato side and a green salad. There will be no leftovers....
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