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Yes indeed smooth bores shooting round balls work good to 100 yds. A
slightly enlongated ball spinning works better. That's why rifles are more
accurate than smooth bores. This goes way back in history. In my .450
measured bore rifle, I load a .457 round ball. The extra .007 of lead has to
go somewhere when you load it so the ball becomes enlogated when it is
pushed down the bore. This provides a good surface for the rifling to be
pressed into the ball. All the bench shooters at the Nationals at Friendship
shoot this way. Same thing when loading a revolver. You do not want to
shave a ring of lead off the ball when you load it. You want that ring on the
ball for more bearing surface. I have the mouth of the chambers champerfed
so as to swedge the ball into the chamber and it becomes enlogated.
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