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You can bet the News cameras will be searching for anything that can be distorted into looking bad.
I am all in favor of supporting the 2nd,
I heard Beck quote something fron Ghandi
"Truth is the anvil,and non-violence is the hammer."
Please consider the fears of the undecided,and the machine looking for something to twist.
Given the warning of imposters infiltrating to make badpress,a simple arrow with "Infiltrator" might be useful before the camera.
You know,the skin in the game for our Founders ,who signed their names to the Declaration of Independence was a bit like that fellow in China who stood in front of the tank.
Or the Native American who stuck his lance in the ground and tied hs ankle to it and said "It is a good day to die"
It is not about hurting others.It is about being willing to die free.
God Bless Charleton Heston.

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