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The Pistol was built by Master Rob Lewis from Ohio. It uses a Green Mt. barrel
1in 16 twist .32 cal. False muzzle. Load is a "0" Buckshot ball and a .010
thick patch lubed with a water soulable oil. I use 17 grs. Goex FFF Black Powder. This chronographed at 1050 fps. Barrel is 9 inches. Grips are Herriet
National grips. Cost of this at the time I bought it was 600.00 But that was
about 10 years ago. It is very fast. Did I say very fast. You cannot tell it
from shooting a caplock. A lot of the guys shoot this type at the Nationals.
It is for target shooting. I and the wife been shooting at the Nationals at
Friendship for 18 years now. Going again in June. This pistol is probably the
most accurate pistol we own. is offline  
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