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But what law would be broken giving a gun to a family member?
It depends on where you live. In the OPs locations, no law is broken so long as the lendee has a permit.

In NY state, and I'm sure others as well, no one may loan a handgun to anyone else regardless of whether or not the parties in question have a permit.

As to the anarchy argument....

Officer, I was speeding because I thought that blue Lexus back there was chasing me.... (or maybe he's trying to get his very pregnant wife to the hospital)

Agent Smith, I didn't pay my taxes to the IRS because I was afraid that they were after me.... (or maybe they're not out to get me, tinfoil hat or no)

Well, officer, I loaned the gun to my dad because someone owed him money and might have come after him.... (or maybe the guy is just angry and will or will not pay the money but won't hurt anybody, just like 99.99% of people who lose lawsuits will do)

What's the difference? Breaking laws based on nothing but fear and speculation is a call to anarchy.
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