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The Flintlock

The flintlock caught my eye. As I've revived my interest in things that go boom and bang lately, I thought of the necessity for a "survival" weapon for hunting and defense and that led me to the Remington BP revolver, (as well as the affection for history, etc...).

The flintlock is actually much more of a true survival tool as I have the materials and knowhow to make powder, and that's not so terribly hard to do; casting boolits and procuring flint, etc...

The only drawback if it's much of one at all is procuring percussion caps for the Remmie in a time of need.

The flintlock is ultimately more of a "endtimes" and "hardtimes" tool.

So my interest is really in it.

I do like target shooting and competition target shooting so I'm interested in one of the percussion cap single-shots also, the most affordable one.

So is the flintlock a kit, or handmade? Where'd ya git it?
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