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Well I called Midway USA today and asked if I could place an order for ammo and was told no. It seems Rochester, Yonkers and NYC do not allow mail order shipment of ammo. Seems I am in a oppressive city in the People's Republic. Yikes.
What exactly are you trying to order? (I know you said wadcutters.)

If it's a product that is not explicitly illegal to possess in Rochester and there are simply "shipping restrictions" then just have it shipped to a friends house who is outside the city.

What a stupid rule.

Anyway, I've done some searching and I can't find any reference to specific prohibitions on ammo. There are a few things, like night-vision and crank-fire devices, that are specifically restricted in Rochester but I can't find any real reference to ammunition restrictions.

It's probably a lot like the trouble that I went through to get my Encore shipped here. There are no restrictions really, but everyone thinks that there are (or might be), so they are playing CYA.
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