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I noticed that these comments cover several years, with several recent replies. My comment will be in support of TSGCOM. I have ordered items from them over the last year and a half, including a Glock 30, and have never had a problem. After I ordered the Glock, there was apparently a double order and I received an email from them stating that my order would be canceled if I did not confirm that I had ordered 2 of the same item. I called them, the problem was solved (I had only ordered one Glock) and soon after my FFL called saying that the Glock was in. I have since ordered a number of items from them and would not hesitate to order again. 100 percent of my orders have been promptly shipped and arrived to me in perfect condition. The times I have called them about an order, I have had no problem reaching them and they were very polite and helpful.

As a side note, I have absolutely no connection to TSGCOM other than purchasing from them. But I have been very impressed with every interaction I have had with the company.
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