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Originally Posted by orangello
The reloading sequence always confused me, as i am fairly ignorant of old west firearms; i wondered if there was a reason the otherwise well-equipped "deputies" didn't do the same.
Most of the guns used in Pale Rider are supposed to be cap-n-ball revolvers converted to use cartridges. A conversion may or may not include a loading gate like those used on modern single action cartridge revolvers. The preacher's 1858 Remington has been converted but does not have a loading gate thus the cylinder must be removed to take out the used brass then insert unspent cartridges. However, in the preacher's case it is much faster to install a new cylinder with pre-loaded cartridges....kind of like a speed loader. The deputies probably have loading gates on their converted revolvers. Stockburn certainly does. If you have a loading gate on your revolver you probably would not remove the cylinder to reload. Also, with Colt type open top revolvers removing the cylinder means knocking out the wedge and removing the barrel. The Remington design is superior in this aspect as no tools are needed and the barrel doesn't have to be taken off to get to the cylinder.
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