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Proud new Papa II

Well, Jezabel is a virgin no longer. I've got 18 .457s left out of a new box.
What a fun day at the backyard range. She shoots great. Finally settled on 35gr. fff from Graf & Sons. Great and accurate load. I kind of lost count, but I must have cleaned her at least a half dozen times including one trip back to my house for diet coke and hot soapy water. I've gotta say...I'm bit...bad !
Shot at a copperhead three times and missed, then my buddy took it out with his .22/45 Ruger. I've got the hide tacked on a board with waterless hand cleaner w/lanolin. Ought to be just about right for a hatband.
I took the F1 but had a dead 9v so can't say anything about fps. Hope everyone had as fun a Sunday as we had.....
Col. Jeff Cooper..remembered

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