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Letting my father borrow a handgun

Hey there, just wondering what the legality is of letting someone borrow a handgun. To start off my father just got his CCW permit, so it is not an issue if he is qualified or has the proper credentials to handle a firearm, plus he has shot all my firearms extensively.

He is currently involved in a lawsuit with an old business associate and is a little worried that the guy might take some sort of action. It was ruled in my fathers favor and the guy owes my dad a large sum of money, well over 50K, so you can see why he is a little worried about this guy taking some sort of action. Anyways I was wondering if I could lend him one of my handguns since he doesn't have the money right now to buy one of his own, not only because of legal fees, but this old business associate caused my father to lose allot of money.

Right now he has one of my J frames and I included a letter with it stating I had given permission for him to borrow and possess that particular firearm, I also included the firearms serial number and I included my firearm license number next to my signature. Is this okay to do? He hasn't done it yet but is he legally able to conceal that firearm I had given him or keep it in his truck when he leaves the house? I appreciate any help, thanks.
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