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no, you are not paranoid.


I have been watching this for a few weeks now.

In addition their is a RESTORE THE CONSTITUION EVENT at the same time directly across the river in Virginia. This event will be an "open carry" demonstration.

As I understand it, it is an attempt to shake their guns in the tyrrants face. This event in my opinion is theone to watch for a false flag or some other type of curve ball.

If you google RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION you will find a site that gives all of the ground rules for those planning to attend.

While I appreciate the sentiments of the organizers re: speaking out against ever encroaching government, I am not one for thinking that a march or demonstration is going to change a damn thing at this point. I am also not keen on the possiblity of becoming a target in the event something goes wrong.

I would be interested in other's views on this dual set of Pro-2A demonstrations.
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