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I think you figured it out...

it's easy to get on the metro from many of the good hotels in Fairfax or Alexandria.... i think the Hilton (could be Hyatt) over in Alexandra has a free shuttle to the metro station.....

Most of the stuff you want to see in DC is all around the mall area and you just walk from one place to the other.

I've open carried in the hotel in Alexandria and no body, well most folks, didn't even bat an eye.

I was working for a week in D.C. both times I went and except for going to and coming back had no need to carry. There were more folks with guns watching me work than you can count... if a bad thing happened and I actually lived.... I'd just try and hunker down.... for a while there I was behind 3 sets of 1ft thick steel double doors that would shut with hydraulic rams at the press of a button somewhere else...

enjoy D.C. it's beautiful this time of year, even if the folks in charge are more like the rulers of a third world country.
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