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Badger Ornance Rings Question.

I got my scope mounted at a local shop about a week ago and I took it out to look at it to make sure its all in order for my shooting trip next weekend. Something seems out of place and i notice the guy out my scope rings on back wards (3 lug in back 2 in front). They are the Badger Ordnance M40A3 30mm w/ 1 inch inserts and i was told the inserts were made of soft metal and once put on they couldn't be taken off and re mounted..

This true and will they be able to take them off and re mount them with out any problems down the road due to it already being mounted and taken off?? Or will they have to replace the inserts?

I'm just asking so they don't swap them and say ok here ya go and i get scope movement due to it not being snug and tight from them being re mounted.. So they don't have to replace my inserts and take the easy way out or is putting them back on with the inserts is not problem.
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