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Exactly, Doc, and that's why there's a growing number of otherwise liberal people who have a sincere interest in arming themselves and protecting the right to do so, which has resulted in gun rights arching over all sorts of politics. It's not just the conservatives who want to protect 2A individual rights, it's becoming everyone's issue. Not that they've all had some violence done to them, but because they can see what's going on around them and seek to protect themselves before the fact. They don't want the government to tell them what they may or may not not do when it's not the government's business to decide that, thanks to the Constitution.

There was a pretty long thread on this forum about the NRA's insistence on widening their politics past gun rights issues to include evangelical Christianity and the simple, vocal, thought-free stereotypes and generalities of the far right (which is how Robin's essays sound), and it was suggested by me and others that if the NRA focused on just gun rights, they'd have a lot larger membership, with all the benefits of that. I think Robin's hatred of "liberals" has emotional roots with her, not reasoned ones. Other than that, there's a growing number of people from all sides of the political spectrum who join her in exercising gun rights. Conservatives who are serious about the 2A ought to realize this.
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