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I think that the difference in PERCEIVED recoil between the .308 and and the .30-06 in a BAR is nil. The .30-06 will handle bullets heavier than 150 grains better than the .308. With 150 grain bullets, its a toss up. The advantage the .308 has in a bolt action over the .30-06 (short vs long action) is gone in the BAR. IMO, the BAR is a better and more accurate rifle than the Remington. Finally, ++1 on the no BOSS version. My .30-06 will shoot a little over 1" five shot groups @100 meters with ammo it likes without the BOSS and it's associated blast.

Instead of see-thru mounts, I have a set of Weaver tipoff mounts on my '06 M70 which snap into place and they absolutely DO hold zero. That said, my favorite scope is B&L ( now Bushnell) 1.5-6. At the low setting, it's better than iron sights. With 1 or 1.5 power, the magnification is so low and the FOV so big, you don't need iron sights. I used to do a lot of hunting IN, not on the edge of old overgrown aspen clear cuts (popple thickets) so I know. The 6 power magnification is more than enough for any range I feel I can hit with offhand in Wisconsin.

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