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Being a victim of a violent assault can take a lot out of you.

I've never been raped, but I've been carjacked with a 12 gauge held against my head, and the experience tends to focus your attention on fundamental issues wonderfully. I can only imagine that rape and personal violation would compound that effect dramatically.

Both sorts of experiences make a compelling case that you really aren't in control after all, and any sense that you are is mostly illusion.

Being a victim of a violent assault and then having all your radical liberal friends take up for the attacker - telling you he's a victim also, etc. - might be enough to leave some folks terminally annoyed...

Its at least possible that BillCA's adage has more than a bit of truth to it after all ("a liberal is a conservative who hasn't been mugged yet"). One of the things that tends to be most irritating in the aftermath of such attacks is that people who haven't been shot, raped, or pistol-whipped speak in such glib, lofty, rhetorical tones about abstract and ideological subjects. Abstraction and ideology have a way of receding into the background when some kid with shaking hands is holding a 12 gauge to your head......but they of course would have no way of knowing that.

Either way, I think you're onto something Uncle Billy, and I think also that Irwin pegged it when he noted that (many folks, not just Robin) are just one tramatic event away from revising our personal beliefs in "new and unexpected" directions.

Treat everyone you meet with dignity and respect....but have a plan to kill them just in case.
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