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Originally Posted by Uncle Billy
"As I wrote, her essay has the aura of a journal entry. "Journaling" is a technique used to help people who have conflicts and confusion to deal with as the result of a very significant event in their lives which destroyed their confidence in themselves and their understanding of the world around them.

They thought they had it figured out, they thought they understood the world and their place in it, most of all they thought they could trust what they knew and their understanding of the people around them. Then something comes along that seems to knock all of that down to zero, leaving them without a core, a center they can have confidence in and trust, and a credible link that they understand between that center and the world outside themselves."
Well, we are essentially discussing the point of view of a blogger. Someone who writes frequent short articles in response to what goes on around them in their lives, rather than publishing in some peer-reviewed professional periodical. Perhaps they are basically journal entries.

I agree with the second part also - it certainly seems as if something came along and radically altered her world-view from whatever liberal paradigm she had formerly held. Mike Irwin captured that tramatic mental re-adjustment when he observed:

Originally Posted by Mike Irwin
"Enlightenment often arrives on the heels of a crisis or traumatic event.


Because a crisis or traumatic event, by its very nature, destroys the status quo and forces an individual to face the new and unexpected and to think about personal beliefs in ways that probably were never broached before."
I think this goes in spades when the traumatic event has to do with personal power, and the recognition that an unarmed person really doesn't have much when facing an armed attacker. It's tough to lose one's illusions.

Originally Posted by Uncle Billy
"Further, if this is the case, she will eventually return to some more careful, thoughtful, reasoned attitudes and not be so virulently hateful of all of liberal ideology..."
Somehow I don't think that will happen:
"The Weird Failure of the Left"

Its probably a little broad to speak of "all of liberal ideology" (however that is defined,) but I suspect that with specific regard to owning a firearm as a means to response against future attacks on her person, she may be unwilling to return to what she now recognizes as a decided 'one-down' or powerless (unarmed) position vis a vis attackers.

One thing about traumatic enlightenment is that it tends to be life-changing on more than one level.
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