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Best way to remove a horribly stuck roll pin?

So it's been a long week, had a big, nasty rush work assignment, and I'd been up since about 6AM on Tuesday when I decided to try to perk up and go play with guns. I'd recently picked up parts to put a forward assist and ejection port cover on a stripped upper I've been sitting on as a small pick-me-up.

Anyway, don't know what went wrong, but the roll pin decided to not be my friend when I was popping in the forward assist. Thing got stuck about half way. In my tiredness, I gave it a couple really good whacks to see if it would drift in - worse idea. Thing bent out of shape. Tried to drift it back out without luck. Tried to pull it with a pliers and about a third of the pin ripped off, leaving me with nothing to work with sticking out.

So that's a happy reminder to not be an idiot caveman when you're overtired and frustrated.

But I'm still left with, oh, maybe half a roll pin stuck in an upper that I hope I haven't hammered out of spec. Hammered at it so much I bent my skinnier punches. The forward assist assembly came out and I'll just get a new roll pin, but in the meantime, does anyone have any suggestions for getting this one out without marring up the receiver any worse than I already have?

Thanks much.
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