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European Put-together?

I've been advised by a potential buyer that my SAFN-48 'AL' is not an original Luxembourg contract rifle because the serial number is too low (4202), and that it is assembled from parts. How could I verify this and does anyone know, in more detail, what this means?

I know that both receiver parts bear the same serial number, that the AL crest on the receiver certainly doesn't appear to be anything but original (based on the appearance around the engraving and the overall uniform finish). I also know the rifle was imported in the mid- to late-sixties and I can't imagine anyone taking the time to cobble up a rifle at that time, since they weren't particularly prized or anything.

Comments or recommendations? I certainly don't want to be offering the rifle as an original Luxembourg if it clearly isn't, but everything about it, appearance-wise, suggests it's just a plain old Luxembourg.

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