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Yes, I remember....

  • Art correcting my math (civil engineers can do that, y'know...).
  • Stepping between Rob and a lotta individual folks who wanted to decry cops as an institution, just as they were were "taking off their jackets"...
  • Reading all the new posts during my once-a-day 30-minute lunch break!!!
  • Having Gale tell me that I'd just made his day with my first email to him telling him how much I admired him.
  • Sending off cards and hopes to several of our members, but I think Grayfox, Lawdog, and Gale were the first for me...
  • Welcoming a new pup named Gwinnydapooh
  • Thinking what a pain Cornered Rat was becoming (now a week rarely goes by that I'm not emailing him sumpin' or 'n'other...)
  • Wondering how in the heck people got their text to italics and bold, and how to send images and make links with my own words representing them. Being afraid Rich would call me a weenie for asking, then asking for other helps, anyway. He never called me a weenie... to my face!
  • Realizing for the first time that I hadn't just seen Dennis on a "good day"; that THAT was (and remains) the way he actually is!
  • Being linked here by my friend, Stephen A. Camp, who still posts here by that name, back in late March of '99.
  • Looking around and realizing that I only THOUGHT I knew about guns. Also realizing that I didn't need to resubscribe to any gun magazines.
  • Making my first suggestion to Rich about the board, and being pleasantly amazed at how willing he was to instantly make the adjustment. (He added the [Four Rules of] Firarms Safety link that you find at the top of every page.)

There's a lot more...

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