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I plead guilty as charged as to the anal retentiveness of my reloading methods, but I find reloading as interesting as shooting-something which drives my non-reloading buddies crazy, at least until we go to the range and shoot for lunch. I suppose the main reason for wanting the 130's is the deer in the Texas hill country are not huge beasts, and of course, growing up on Jack"Mr 270"O'Connor, the 130 is king for the caliber until you are looking at Elk or somesuch. This is my first excursion into sub 30 caliber. I have been loading for the 308 Winchester and 30-06 for many years and have burned nearly 4 pounds of powder per year for a dozen years, according to my records. I have had some great groups in the 140 grain Hornady and am going to try the ballistic tip in the heavier weights to see if I can improve upon what I've found so far. I don't think 10 grains is going to make so much of a difference but I'm up to the challenge if I can make it work. I really miss the walking hunt, but lost my leg in the military 20 years ago and its getting a bit much to walk for long distances anymore, so I'm sniping out of a deer stand. I hunt in Mason County, Texas, and this year, they allow taking 6 of them. My wife is a diabetic, so the store bought meat affects her medications, but the doctor(who is a hunter)advised she could eat all the venison she wanted as there is no steroids. One of the few doctors I ever liked!!!
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