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I wonder if the 2 sheriff deputies who were witnesses happened to be named Virgil Earp and Morgan Earp?

The event sounds like a total spoof about the shootout at the OK Corral which didn't even happen within sight of that location either, and especially the part regarding the shooting of [and at] unarmed men.
BTW that shoot out led to the Wyatt Earp trial of 1881 which was actually a month long preliminary hearing.

According to witnesses, Doc Holliday killed the unarmed Tom McLaury instantly with his shotgun, then missed Ike Clanton. At the same time, Morgan Earp shot Billy Clanton. Wyatt Earp then shot Frank McLaury, who staggered into the street and tried to get the rifle hanging on his horse. Billy Clanton, lying wounded, shot Virgil Earp in the leg. McLaury's horse ran away, so the cowboy drew his revolver. Morgan Earp shot him again, just as McLaury shot Holliday, now using a revolver instead of the shotgun. Billy Clanton then shot Morgan Earp in the shoulder, right before both Morgan and Wyatt Earp shot him again.

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