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Negative, elwaynum.....

Because if I chose to get a Texas CHL, I would have to pay $100 to $140 for a CHL training class and then pay $140 for the state to issue the permit. $240 to $280 for the whole process?!? No way.....

I'll just walk into my local Washington LEO agency, just like any other American with a clean record can do here, with nothing but an ID document, the fingerprints on my fingers, and a mere $55.25 and have my CPL within 30days (non-residents wait up to 60 days). And then I can have my loaded handgun anywhere that I want in my car.... under the seat, in the glovebox, in a holster, duct taped to my forehead or hanging from the rearview mirror (except I would have to take down the fuzzy dice). God Bless Washington!
$55.25 still sounds like a tax to me. And, whats wrong with having to be trained. I kinda like to have as much information as I can dealing with the safety of my firearm and with the laws and how they pertain to my self-defense.

BTW - I paid nothing for my training

God Bless Texas!
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