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I'll try FlyFish,,,

You guys have certainly answered enough questions for me.

The only problem is being sneaky enough,,,
To do it at work without my bosses noticing the activity.

One problem with the book,,,
I found several S&W Models I didn't know existed,,,
Hunting down one of those Model 45's is gonna cost me a bucket-o-bucks.

I have a .22 LR equivalent for each of my centerfire Smiths,,,
I had accepted the fact that there wasn't a model 10 or 12 style in .22 LR,,,
So I was going to be happy getting a Taurus or some other 2nd tier handgun as a companion.

Then I saw that danged Model 45,,,
I've already started my dealer looking for one,,,
I know that it will probably cost me a grand or more.

Dang them books anyways,,,
Should have just stayed illiterate!
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