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Carries a loaded Colt cap and ball that he can just pull out in case somebody hits him and then runs?? Okay...I know there are people who carry loaded Walkers and I am firmly in favor of preserving their right to do so. I also know there are those who think black powder revolvers make good personal defense weapons. I spent 26 years defending that right and I am no less enthusiastic now.

I don't think he had time to reload the pistol so in no more than six shots he scored two disabling at 45 yards...on two separate targets? This guy is better than most seasoned police officers (which, I do not deny, is possible) Maybe he had two loaded Colts. (12 shots)

A Sheriff was present according to his story. We don't learn anything about the sheriff discharging his weapon. Maybe the sheriff was not armed. Lot we don't know.

He appears not to have been charged with anything like assault with a deadly weapon. Maybe he was charged and just didn't mention it. (When I eat a lot of beans I have been referred to as "a salt with a deadly weapon.")

Anyway, we are left to assume that he was observed by the sheriff(s) to be defending himself and therefore within his rights to fire at these people. This means that the targets could be referred to as assailants who we can also assume were out of the vehicle. What would cause them to stop fleeing and exit their vehicle? Maybe he disabled that with a shot from the Walker as well.
Now we are down to no more than five shots. Could have been a motorcycle. Could have been an airplane and he just "winged" it. (Get it? WINGED it)

He says the exit wound in the passenger was "in the front". That means the target received the round generally from behind, right? After I drink enough beer my most dangerous weapon is presented as I walk away. But in this case the question remains; What was Ricky being threatened with that made it okay for him to shoot the passenger as the passenger presents generally his rear aspect to Ricky at a range of 45 yards? (My flatulence has been referred to as prolific, but even I don't get that kind of range.)

I doubt everything about this incident including the spelling of his last name.

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