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That is interesting, as I previously stated there was a boatload of mil-surp ammo at the auction I bought rifle from. Silver tipped 8mm Mauser on strippers in bandoleers. I "let" a guy have it for $90. He gave me a couple loaded strippers. I will take a closer look at Sarco's stocks. Just so it could be returned to military configuration if I/someone so desired. Did not break bolt down, not sure of firing pin, but I will get a couple spares. When I did break it down I didn't/couldn't get trigger group out. Did not force it but it was in there really tight. I'll load some 8's up, start out light. I did read to use a moderately fast burning poowder. Do some experementing, find out what she likes. Have got some mil-surp on hand. From Sportmans guide. Corrosive, Berdan. Use that in my Mauser 98. Off to work, thanks again.
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