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FN 49 Egyptian; again. Help

Thanks again Webley. Need help, should I start a new thread. Am I hijacking someones issues here? Junior member, lots to learn. OK, took FN to range today. Some Federal 8mm ammo. Light loads, right? 3 shots, surprizing accuracy, pleasure to shoot. Then 4th. FTE, cartridge mouth torn up. Piston not retracted. Worst, that lovely stock broke. Top, right behind reciever. Found one splinter 20ft, left and behind. Never found the other main "chunk". I saw no stress cracks whatsoever in cleaning, reassembling. My local smith won't touch it. Understandable, he is not familiar with these. Did I do something wrong on re-assembly. Or is there underlying problem. Real shame. Think some good woodwork can repair stock but I will not use again til this is resolved. I really like rifle this am bound and determined to get it back in shape. Got 7 months til deer season. Any advice, anyone? Thanks, CTK
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