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Laserspot, his shots with his 1911 were not a coup de grace. Also if you read the threat correctly, this thread is about whether or not the 45 ACP is appropriate for Elk. Not head shots. A 22LR will take down an Elk with a head shot. That's not the question. If you know how to hunt properly you know that you always have your rifle at the ready when approaching your kill. Most experienced hunters actually poke the animal with the rifle barrel to make sure its dead. You don't really need a backup firearm if you know what you are doing. Elk can be pretty dangerous up close. You should have your firearm ready to go as you approach it. You never assume an animal is dead. Out of ethics you should make absolutely sure the animal is dead before you start slicing it up. The best way to do that is to poke it with a rifle barrel.

I never said the M1 was an incapable firearm in the hands of somebody who knows how to use it. The 30-06 will take down anything on this continent with a good shot. The key is getting off a good shot, which in this case wasn't done. If you can't trust that you can make a shot at the distance you are shooting it is unethical to take the shot.

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