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So, in Washington State, without any license whatsoever, it is perfectly legal for me to walk into Walmart with a loaded handgun carried in plain view in a holster, buy a Subway sandwich in the Subway at that Walmart, sit there and eat it and walk out.

Can I do that in Texas? No. Open carry is illegal in Texas, violating Penal Codes 46.02 and 46.035. So, can I conceal the handgun in Texas and do the same thing, without a license. No. That action would be illegal as well violating Penal Code 46.02.

Now, in order to obtain a Texas Concealed Handgun License, according to Government Code 411.174 (7), proficiency with a handgun must be proven and 411.174 (6) requires a "fee" of $140.00 to be paid to the state. To me, a fee paid to the state for their permission to perform an act is a tax...

I rest my case.
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