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Elmer was a neat old guy who has made me a lot of $ as I reprinted the 1961 Ed. of Sixguns in 1991 and have sold 1000s BUT, among those old enough to remember the live man, he is affectionaly known a "the old loud mouth with the big hat."
Based on the amount of game he took with his hot load 44 Specials, 45 Colts and late in life with the 44 Magnum, I don't think he had any real doubts about the effect of a large hole punched through both sides of any ungulate.
BTW the 230 BH +P went through 12 inches of water. Water is a lot tougher medium than lungs.
This Elk was taken at 18 paces with a c1809 British Baker flinter, 61 caliber, whose ballistics are close to a 16 gauge deerslug. Broke a rib in, took out both lungs and broke a rib exiting. He went 20 whole yards spraying blood like two firehoses. Zero expansion or about the size of a BH 230 +P HP ACP. full expanded....... Energy doesn't mean diddly, it's the size of the hole.
If you have not read the article or tested the load in ballistic medium you are , IMHO, just repeating what you heard sometime somewhere.

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