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Originally Posted by Glenn E Meyer you have to tell FL that you moved? And if you do, does that change the status of the permit/license.

TX says if the FL one is good, it is good here but if you don't inform FL of the move, does that invalidate it?

Florida law provides that "Within 30 days after the changing of a permanent address... the licensee shall notify the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services of such change." Ch 790.06 Par 8

The only other mention of anything pertinent (that I see) is in regards to applying for renewal, which simply specifies that "out-of-state residents must also submit fingerprints and fingerprint processing fee" with the renewal application.

I would assume that this means that upon submitting the change of address the permit would simply become "non-resident" rather than resident. The question then becomes whether or not Texas recognizes non-resident Florida permits for Texas residents. I know that some states have reciprocity agreements that do not apply to resident of their own state.
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