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The point of this thread is moot.

NFA weapons are only accessible to people who have the money to spend and can get through the complex paperwork process. Usually they are dealers and have FFLs. There are a very limited number of people in the US who have these weapons. Those who have these weapons do not leave them lieing around the house or out at night, but generally stored and locked down. Most of these people that if the police took their NFA weapons then they probably would not get it all. They also believe they are so expensive that leaving them out makes them more stealable.

So no one is going to use their NFA weapon for HD most likely unless it just so happens to be out of their sacred locked up stash.

The next point is the matter of the law. You can train and educate yourself all you want on the law and how a jury might act in a certain circumstance. However, you are going to do what you have to do in these delicate situations which may not always be the most legal thing to do or the most appropriate thing for a jury.


#1 A very limited number of people have NFA weapons

#2 Those who do have them are usually really serious about guns and would not keep their prized Thompson Sub, the one they paid 20 grand to obtain, outside of a locked safe.

#3 In the event a situation occurs that is a matter of life and death, you will grab anything you can find to defend yourself... 22 Rifle, boiling pot of water, 6 cell maglight, or your Thompson sub. You wont have time to will just do and more then likely whatever you do will get you into trouble. You will go to court and you might be found guilty of something. But have no fear. Sometimes its better to spend a little time in jail then to be killed by a crazy.

I read this article on CNN just now. Two dead bodies found in a trash can. These were probably the people who did not choose to own a weapon. People disappear all the time...all kinds of people. However, those who have weapons at the ready and are not afraid to use them are the ones who usually spend a little time in jail after the fact, but they do not end up in a trash can later on. So there are two what you have to do and go to jail or end up on some list of missing people...

So this thread is pointless...
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