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replying directly to the OP's first post.

I do have a reising SMG that i keep in my underbed cabinet (has a quick lock on it) and I have a minimum of 2 stick mags with it at all times fully loaded. This would not be my go to home defense gun in the case that somebody broke into my house in the middle of the night (would use a 92fs, p229, or my winny 1300 defender first), but it is available in case I need to use it if i can'g get to my other pre staged home defense weapons that are throughout the house.

in AZ we have castle doctorine and if the bad guy decides to not leave when i tell him to stop and get out, I will have no problem aiming center mass and pulling the trigger putting 25rds down range, then changing mags and getting ready to do the same if he has more friends that want to do harm to me or my family. My defense in court would be that I felt threatened that he would do bodily harm to my family and I, and that he failed to cease and decist when instructed to do so, and I used the means that I felt necessary at the time to stop the attacker from further presenting a harmfull or intimidating posture towards myself and my family in my domicile.
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