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Egyptian FN 49

Thanks Webley. Now I'm a bit miffed, being told it was a 30- 06. I know buyer beware. Got there late, no time to inspect. Is rebarreling a viable option? Would like to limit my calibers, though already have a Mauser and some zippy 8 mm milsurp. Corrosive Now the 2000 rnds of 8mm on strippers in bandoleers at auction adds up. That was food for the FN. Couda wouda shouda snapped it up for $95, but do not like using corrosive. Will search for barrel, .308 or 06 and start reloading 8mm in meantime. So to confirm; 7.92 Egyptian is 8 Mauser? One more thing, what is that slide, behind bolt handle, rear of reciever? Gas adjust? Thanks, CTK
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