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Texas CWP concerns.

Hello all,

I just moved to the Midland,TX area and have already got my gun club membership and already getting ready to go to my first local IDPA shoot. My concern is I want to attain my Texas CWP, I have my Florida CWP and even a UPIN number, I do have some misdemeanors that I acquired in 2003 and 2007, Disorderly conduct, some traffic stuff and a really ignorant filing a false police report, that one was a circumstantial thing I could have fought it but it would have cost me money and possibly my job, due to the fact that I needed to be out in the field on a job and couldn't take the time off. Anyway, will any of these be a problem in TX for my CHL or should I just keep using my Florida one which is still legal to continue to use even after I'm officially a TX resident, both in TX and in FL. Thanks for the help, I have read the the eligibility but I am still not sure.
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