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Sounds like you have an Egyptian contract gun as those are the only ones I know of with Arabic markings. Your .30-06 dummy round most likely got stuck because your rifle is not chambered in 30-06. Egyptian guns were chambered for 8x57 Mauser. If you're wanting to use it as a deer rifle, 8mm Mauser JSP ammo is available from Winchester, Remington, and Federal but it is severely downloaded (ballistic equivalent of a 30-30 Winchester). If you want full-power ammo that is more in line with a 30-06, you need to get imported stuff like S&B, Prvi Partizan, Wolf Gold (repackaged Prvi Partizan), or Norma.

For practice, there's a lot of military surplus 8mm ammo out there at very reasonable prices. The only issue with this is that much of it has corrosive primers, so clean your gun thoroughly after shooting surplus ammo.

One nice thing about the FN-49 is that it has an adjustable gas system which can be taylored to the power of the ammunition you're using.
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