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Help with my "new" FN49. Please

Hope I'm on on the right forum. I picked up an FN49 at a farm auction this weekend. Price was right, others there shopping for farm implements. What I have is a nice looking FN49. I think. Advertised as WW11 30-06 semi-auto. Heres the issue. Tangent sight in Arabic? Crown on top front of reciever. 30836?? after the Fabrique.... on right side. Mag follower has a 7, then very faint something, 6 or 9? Rifle is nicely blued. Has a left handed walnut monte carlo stock. Rest of stock, handguards appear "normal". Not sporterized, full length barrel, bayonet lug, correct front sight. I think. Thats OK, been shopping for a lefty deer gun forever. Some Arabic scrip on front right of reciever. Last bad thing. I tried to cycle some dummy Garand ammo thru it. Last round is jammed in chamber, cant retract bolt. Stopped before I do any damage. Anyone know what I have? Could get some pix up if that would help.
Thanks, Cheepertokeeper
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