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Just an opinion. I'm sure you paid a healthy price for your new AR. When a retail price is calculated a cost model is developed. This model makes sure that the company doesn't lose money in case they missed something. In that cost model any Tooling, R&D, Marketing, Carrying Cost, back office costs and WARRANTY is "rolled up". The old model for firearms use to be that 1.5-3% of the cost was to cover warranty, larger percentage for "lifetime" warranty. So, if this was a new RRA AR, even a budget model, you've paid ~$30.00 for that warranty. Have you spent more than $30.00 of your time trying to resolve this? The other thing that happens with most Firearms Manufacturers (CZ, HK, SIG, Ruger) they use this Warranty Data as feedback for their DMAIC process (Six Sigma Process Improvement). This is used to improve manufacturing process and mistake proofing the process. In another way, if they don't know, how can they fix it? I'm a capitalist no apologies...even to those in D.C.
Off topic, but I will answer.

I built this rifle for half of the price of a new one in big name models.
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