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Well, Mavericks have parts made in Mexico, the greatest inporter of illegal imigrants and now responsible for the deaths of several Americans as of late.

Where's the outrage?

But I don't hear anyone spewing vitriol or coming off with bias towards folks who like what ever they choose for a shotgun, even if parts are coming from Mexico.

There are a few on this forum who will hijack a thread to spew discord and rant and rail without backing up their comments with facts.

It's real sad that people in here have to turn this great site into a sandlot and pick at folks who want to have a decent discussion about their shotgun of choice.

If you don't like watching the "View" change your TV channel.

If you don't like so and so in congress, vote him out.

If you don't like a Chinese or wherever made gun, Leave your nasty comments to yourselves.

Back your comments with facts instead of making yourselves look uninformed and coming off sound like the people who would take our right to firearms ownership away with unsupported facts and comments.

To conclude, I like all of the guns that were discussed in this thread and I defend the right of folks to pick and choose what they like based on facts.

I dare anyone to find out if the Pardner Pump is indeed the Chinese junk they say it is and by the way, the finish is more of a matte blue, well applied to the metal and way better than the rusting, right out of the box, Remington Expresses we had a while back.

Now THAT was a crappy finish!

By the way, as far as NCstar scopes go, ya gets what ya pays for.

There is junk that comes from China and there is some quality stuff that comes from China. Just look at your cell phone and see if it doesn't say "Made in China."

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