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Reading some of your other posts, it sounds like you're persnickety about your group sizes.

From what you say, I'd guess you have a faster twist in your .270 than is common? I had a Sears&Sawbuck .270, years ago, that digested the 130-grain weight of bullet quite happily.

Sounds like your choices are to live with a wider group with the 130s, or maybe drop back a couple of hundred ft/sec with the 140s. Unless your bullets tend to "blow up" at full power, I don't really see where it's worth worrying about. I lugged my '06 with 150-grainers all over the Uvalde area, mostly up on Indian Creek...

One thing about it, the deer won't care. I can't hold better than 1-1/2 minutes of angle, offhand, anyway...

, Art
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