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Ok Ive lived in Texas for 28 yrs before I (stupidly) moved to IL for a year. Well I'm back now and first thing I did was go to DPS and per their requirements turned in my IL DL. Well, since the Texas DL that I turned in to IL has not expired yet all I had to do was fill out the card for a replacement TX DL. Well they gave me the paper temp DL and I still have my FOID from IL so these together make my ID for now.

So I went to a gun last weekend 03/27 and was talking to a guy (at a booth) and we decided to make a trade. Then I remember about my ID and ask him if its ok. He asks how long had I been in TX. I say @3 weeks. Says he cant because the law says i have to be here 90 days. I ask what law (ie federal, state, or what). He says on the ATF form its asks and it is a no go if you dont live tx for at least 90 days. I said if he wasnt comfortable with the trade its cool but, I did ask if I could see a copy of the ATF form. He then got loud and said I will not break the law for you. So I left the booth and continued to browse.

Ok, now was he right about the 90 day wait or is that only if I'm not a US citizen?
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