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But the fact remains... that same chinese gun is the one imported far previous to Marlin acquiring them or Remington getting it's quality dropping meat pounders on Marlin... The shame in it all is that marlin and H&R offerings will surely go down hill as the big green did.

H&R is more than a "brand" of remington... It was at one time an independent quality arms maker that chose to import a chinese pump rather than try to build an american gun competitive with other USA made guns...

A true "brand" of a company in the way you think of H&R would be Maverick by Mossberg... A brand created by Mossberg to offer lower priced guns without putting theMossberg name on it. Remington failed to do this in the 870 express line and many folks have no idea how sharp an old Wingmaster was.

So to be fair, from now on how about calling it the Pardner Protector imported by Cerebus.

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