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"Sorry I'm ignorant of the actual facts and I am sorry for being rude."
How about you first?
The Pardner Protector imported by Remington
Now who is "ignorant of the actual facts"?

It is not imported by Remington! It is, in actual fact, imported by NEF...

Just because the same "holdings firm" acquired NEF under their Remington brand doesn't mean Remington has any hand in NEF (lord help NEF if they do) dealings!

And one more point of note... The NEF Pardner Pump was the same cheap 3rd world import long before the NEF name got bought by the holdings firm that also owns Remington.

As for
is a fine gun with a well deserved reputation for reliability and easliy the best value for your $$$.
The few Pardner Chinese guns had the same rough ugly metal finish as the Rem Express... At least the Mav 88 has a smooth deep BLUED finish.

The Chinese do not have a reputation for making "fine arms"... NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL!!! They have a reputation of blowing out millions at a low cost with a low percentage of failures. The low percentage is based on the millions of guns compared to the lower but better production of the AMERICAN MADE guns... At least Mossberg makes their IMPORTED line obvious with the "Mossberg International" moniker... But all of their pumps are AMERICAN MADE.
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