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The man was asking a decent question and I was giving him a decent answer. I have been messing with these guns for a while and also had a bunch of Chinese SKS rifles and not one has EVER malfunctioned.

But we are talking shotguns here, aren't we? NOT SCOPES!

I dare you to post and ask anyone who owns the Pardner Pump and who've used it for a while, whether they consider it junk. I DARE YOU TO ASK.

The fact is that the Chinese build weapons like they are serious about it.

The fact that you use language that is not supposed to be used on this forum to belittle someone posting on a subject shows you to be an uninformed, disrepectful individual.

Before you make nasty remarks to folks here you should arm yourself with facts and try to show folks here that you have some respect to others who are making a friendly comment to the original posters question.

The Maverick is a nice PRICEPOINT shotgun and it would serve anyone well.

The Pardner pump is an all steel, forged steel receiver, machined aluminum trigger housing, using real walnut, well made shotgun and beats the pants of anything from Turkey to Timbuktu in it's price range as far as third world offerings go.

I would not feel undergunned by either of the two but my PREFERENCE is the Pardner Pump. I have owned many Mossberg products.

I remember when people considered Mossbergs junk compared to the venerable Remington 870.

I would ask you to clean up you language as this is a family forum.

I'm surprised that the moderator hasn't called you on your nasty post.
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