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I agree with Christcorp about the .357 which I already own. I would have gone with the .44 but I have to shoot my handguns one handed. I can control the .357 easily with one hand and I am told that you can likewise shoot the .44 one handed but that is quite recoil with it.

I am actually going to get a .45 acp but for personal defense, but not as a woods gun. If all you could encounter is creatures in the 150 pound range it would be adequate. You should choose a weapon designed for the situation. A heavy and very slow bullet with little penetration into an animal like a bear is not likely to hit any vital organs on a COM shot. To be able to hit the CNS with an animal charging is a very lucky shot that you could not count on especially under the pressure of such a situation where you will be lucky just to hit the creature. Considering these issues, would you really want to be underpowered in the woods?
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